After years of steady growth we are finally able to envision a place to use as God guides us in this next phase of ministry in the community.

Great News! The congregation has voted to move forward with a fundraising campaign for our new building! We have acquired land on the corner of Linda Vista Blvd and St. Patrick Road.

Our building committee and congregation have begun the process of planning our first permanent building.


Our church is entering the most challenging and exciting stewardship program in its history. We need your help to ensure its success.

The success of the campaign is directly related to the number of people who get involved. The program offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities. We want everyone to experience firsthand the spiritual dimensions of this exciting faith journey.


Can you see it? Our new building will allow Sanctuary a chance to continue to grow and spread God’s word!

  • Sanctuary continues to experience significant growth in every area!!
  • We are growing in our faith, our numbers, and in our outreach to the world!!
  • We feel that God has called us to build our first building, our hub for ministry!!
  • This is an exciting time for Sanctuary!!
  • Pray about and reflect upon all the good that we could accomplish with our new building!
  • Feel free to ask questions!
  • Click here for more information.